【Wani Magazine Co. 】Tits Parade

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#15
Title:Tits Parade

Maker:Wani Magazine Co.

Release date:2021/04/04
Genre:marriedwoman\r\n, “maam(usedbygeishatorefertotheirsuperiors)\r\n", femaleteacher\r\n, OL\r\n, “(termofrespectfor)anothersdaughter\r\n", bitch\r\n, uniform\r\n, sailorsuit\r\n, swimsuit\r\n, cosplay(dressingincostume, esp.asamangacharacter, etc.)\r\n, knee-highsocks\r\n, suit\r\n, romanticcomedy\r\n, hot-coldpersonalitytype\r\n, handjob\r\n, footjob\r\n, splashingon\r\n, “ejaculationontopartnersface\r\n", intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, givingsomeoneahardtime\r\n, blowjob\r\n, havingsexoutdoors\r\n, MultiplePlay/Orgy\r\n, tallfigure\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n, slender\r\n, virgin\r\n, voluptuous\r\n

Big tits, beautiful tits, soft tits, lewd tits–the big tits march!

They’ll come to you for your penis!

A total of 10 works of stable eroticism featuring JK/JD, ladies, and married women.

With her big tits and slippery pussy, she’s an active player.

This is the latest book by Yuta Okumoto, a writer for COMIC Kairakuten.

–I want to offer my Hajimete to a girl like this: …….

It contains a lot of brush-offs with attractive heroines that you can truly believe in!

In the bathroom with a quiet, innocent, and beautiful relative, “Kozue-onee-chan and I".

The advisor of the swimming club is hunting for three firsts at once, “We have a teacher!

Private sex training with a married instructor “Perfecto Bodie!

In addition to a lineup that includes

Particularly noteworthy is the cover, which depicts the daily life of a childhood friend.

The Story of a Childhood Friend

In order to show off to his friends, he asks his beautiful and popular childhood friend to play the role of his girlfriend.

In return, he loses his virginity!

I’m in. Congratulations on your virginity.

In the frame where she is looking down at me with a relaxed expression while in cowgirl position.

The hearts of boys who want to be put on their asses are shaking!

This is a book of freshly plucked, carnivorous fruit, ready for ejaculation.

Included works

The Kozue lady and I

This is a beautiful and innocent lady who looks great in a white dress. She usually doesn’t talk much, but when she’s alone with you, she gets bolder. ……

My childhood friend is very good Part 1

I asked my high specs childhood friend Rika to play the role of my girlfriend. …… In the ocean, in a bathing suit, in a blue rape and a brush off!

My Childhood Friend is Strong Part 2

This time, Rika asked me to play the role of her boyfriend. The relationship between the two of them is still very comfortable, and they have a uniform sex at home as they are invited.

Best Shot

When I invited Shinoda-san, the boss of my dreams, out for a drink, he unexpectedly said yes! That night, I see her cool face on fire: ……!

We have a teacher!

This is the first time I’ve ever been in a situation where I’ve had to do something like this. It’s a great way to get the most out of your time with us.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

What if the trainer at the gym is your neighbor’s wife? And what if you can’t help but get a boner for her erotic body?

I can’t believe it.

My brother took my sister home from a reunion. But the important thing is that my brother is drunk …… and my sister is kind of horny ……?

I don’t get it at all!

Literary girl is very bold! She uses her large breasts and pantyhose to subtly and stealthily seduce the boys she loves!


I’ve never been aware of it before, but it’s super cute. I’ve never been conscious of it before, but it’s …… super cute. I got separated on a W date and had a yukata sex.

My childhood friend is very good.

Newly written. Rika is transformed into a gym uniform, swimsuit, maid, and female teacher. The relationship between two people who can’t be honest continues!


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