【Kill Time Communication】Iron Root Sanction! ~Otaku-kun of the Counterattack – [Single Story].

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Title:Iron Root Sanction! ~Otaku-kun of the Counterattack – [Single Story].
Maker:Kill Time Communication
Release date:2020/12/30
Genre:Moe, lolita, succubus/whore, HandJob, Creampie, humiliation, Fellatio, DeepThroating, Spanking, Squirting, virgin, Brown/tan, madness

Lirina, a succubus summoned by an uncle who wants her to take his virginity.
But when she sees her uncle’s appearance and short dick, she mocks him.
Lirina leaves without doing anything.
Lirina is summoned again.
In front of me was an uncle who had undergone training and had become a giant dick.

I was astonished, but I had to do it so that I could squeeze the cum out of her as a whore.

I’d caress him with hand jobs and blow jobs.

The uncle has become too strong.
I’m not going to let you down, but I’m going to put my big dick in that loli vagina.
When Lilina is raped like a masturbator, she climaxes after climax and becomes debauched.

This is a work that appears in [2D Comic Magazine Mesugakusacubus Sanction Namakiki Baby Room with Understanding Stick for Rehabilitation Knock Vol 2].


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