【Wani Magazine Co. 】A sexy cosplayer

[Ranking]7 Days:#17, 30 Days:#27
Title:A sexy cosplayer

Maker:Wani Magazine Co.

Release date:2021/01/02
Genre:Elf/Fairy\r\n, cosplay(dressingincostume, esp.asamangacharacter, etc.)\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, restraint\r\n, tentacle\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n, voluptuous\r\n

It’s full of cosplay impersonations with plump otaku girls.

Sometimes she’s a slave maiden, sometimes she’s a dominatrix. ……

In addition, there are nine other works with tentacles, elves, and rich fantasy colors.

He was wearing a jersey, glasses, and shaggy hair.

Yuya, who lives next door, is a typical otaku girl.

But once she puts on her cosplay costume, she becomes the incarnation of plump eros!

In addition, you can transform yourself into either S or M by becoming a character!

The “Minosama! series are

The cuteness and eroticism of otaku cosplayers is condensed into a wholesome, wholesome package.

Sober girl becomes talkative with geek talk and sex: ……!

Other works in the collection are

A gal, an Otaser princess, a married woman, and a cosplay petal revolving.

And more!

Not just costumes, but real Kyonshi and elves with lewd crests also appeared.

From cosplay sex with a plump woman to tentacle punishment sex.

This is the first book by “COMIC X-EROS" author Satosaki!

This is a book where you can enjoy the gradation of realism and fantasy.

Included works

My Lord Mino!

Become a minotaur and sire a slave maiden! A sober girl and a muscular guy having lovey-dovey cosplay sex.

My own personal Mino-sama!

This time Arine is a douchebag female knight! Is she going to give in to the kicking of the heroic mino dick?

My beloved Mino-sama!

I’m not sure what to make of this. If it is ordered by Mino-sama, even the womb will be at her mercy. ……?

Me and Mino-sama!

A newly written after story! Their cos-etching continues!

UR☆Bitch Girl

Black gal and cosplayer. And she’s a carnivore, and she’ll let you have sex with her. …… 0.01% chance of meeting such a girl! The distance between the two of you is 0 mm!

Puppet! Kyonshi girl!

I thought it was an imbecile, but then I saw a gaggle of kyonshi. Do you want to get your energy sucked out or do you want to ……?

Princess Elf’s Otherworldly Reincarnation

An elf is reborn in a cosplay studio! And with a curse of lewdness! It’s the first time you’ve ever seen an Elf in your life!

The Princess of Otaser and the Three Wicked Men

Punish the apparent loli circle crasher with tentacles! The heroine pinch is completely reproduced.

Behind the Scenes of a Goofy Wife

My salty wife is actually a cosplay masturbator behind my back – my long lost wife’s sexual frustrations are exploding!


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