【gold】Eternal Daughter 9 (vol9)

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Title:Eternal Daughter 9 (vol9)
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:glasses, lolita, plump, Shota, OL, Yokai, swimsuit, cosplay, China, Fantasy, Biography, Yuri, footjob, Bukkake, Nakadashi, Titties, Lesbian/girl-on-girl, “Mothersmilk", Blowjob, Restraint, ReverseRape, Brainwashing, Ejaculationinthemouth, cunnilingus, animalears, virgin

Isn’t the moon beautiful when seen with a mistress?

This is the first issue of a magazine that specializes in characters that look like girls but are old and senile on the inside, the so-called [loli-baa]!
This is the first issue of a magazine dedicated to the so-called “loli-baba", a character who looks like a girl but has a long life inside. This is a book that both those who already know this genre and those who don’t should definitely read.

[cover illustration]

Kuroseirokun [Eternal Source, Part 1].
Ayane [Makikomi].
Amagaeru [Bread-scented fertility god].
Sumiyao [professor and monster cat].
Gengoro [Demon possessing a house – fairy with a life].
Donne [Honne – Shirone].
Binsen [City of knots].
Poisonous Mushroom People [Granny Tama Forever].
Endu [What Separates Us].
Yoru Uta [Welcome to Cafe Eternal! Episode 5]
Crab Village Ebio [hot-sama-fukus-deizu].
Garoud [At the mercy of the lord of the castle].
Hard-boiled Yoshiko [Oshikake Sunshower, Episode 3].


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