【Nectar candy】I’ve Started Chymin Therapy Episode 3

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Title:I’ve Started Chymin Therapy Episode 3
Maker:Nectar candy
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:Nakadashi, hypnosis, Brainwashing

I’ve been trying to hold back all day, but my teacher’s gooey, super thick semen is just too much! I’ll fill you up with it! I’m going to fill you up! The heroine, Ruru, has finally had her first sex with her boyfriend, Yu-kun! It’s the first time, but Yu’s foreplay feels so good that it’s making her slippery… But when it comes time for the real thing, she can’t feel anything…? Why is that? It felt so good earlier… I hurriedly went to the doctor for advice, and once again, I was given an erotic treatment. It seems that Ruri can no longer come without adult techniques and a large penis… This time, she is hypnotized to become five times more sensitive, and experiences a treatment that makes her come all the time!


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