【Takao Takatsukami 】Female Yankee Academy☆Ore no Hajimete, Targeted. (33)

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Title:Female Yankee Academy☆Ore no Hajimete, Targeted. (33)

Maker:Takao Takatsukami

Release date:2019/12/27
Genre:Delinquent/Yankee\r\n, School/Academy\r\n, romanticcomedy\r\n, feminization\r\n, Sexchange(TS)\r\n, hot-coldpersonalitytype\r\n

“You’re my girl from now on, aren’t you? Yankee Torao is turned into a girl by a mysterious feminization juice. His opponent, the handsome Inuzuka, doesn’t even notice him, and he’s planning on getting into a serious fight, but for some reason, he’s tweaking his chest and making strange noises! But for some reason, her breasts are being tweaked and she’s making weird noises… And then she’s taken home and kissed gently and passionately… I don’t know, something’s wrong with my body…! A girl’s body is so sensitive that she can’t stop herself from cumming from the techniques of a popular guy! Don’t lick that part! You can’t refuse him if he suddenly says, “I’ll be gentle with you…please…" even though he’s super cruel and a douchebag. I’ll be gentle with you. Aaahhhh!


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