【Momonosuke】Brown Mermaid(6)

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Title:Brown Mermaid(6)
Release date:2019/01/20
Genre:glasses, sisters, Creampie, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Bigtits, Smalltits, Brown/tan

Tanaka-sensei’s younger sister – Asako – has gone missing and they decide to look for her together.
In the meantime, Asako is caught by the principal of the swimming school.
I was about to be forced to have sex!

Asako was saved in the nick of time, but she recoiled from her calm.

I can’t seem to contain my sexual feelings…!

This is the sixth episode of the Swimming Girls series by Momonosuke, who teaches sisters how to have sex together.

[comic Anthrium Vol69 January 2019 (BJ179084)].


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