【Takuji Otomo】My girlfriend is a JK elf sister

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Title:My girlfriend is a JK elf sister
Maker:Takuji Otomo
Release date:2018/05/25
Genre:gal, elf/fairy, Uniform, Creampie, Titties, Bigtits/bigtits, Brown/tan

JK Elf Girlfriend – Ardina’s older sister, Marcell, is a selfish, violent, and
He’s always playing sexual pranks on me, calling it [punishment].
Today, I’ve offended her again, and as I’m being “punished", Aldina happens to be walking by…

A very popular painter, Toyoyasu, is back in color! Takuji Otomo’s fierce, agonizing fuck with a sassy black gal elf…

This work is included in [comic Anthrium Vol61].


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