【wokashiya】GIRL SKIN TRAP [Single Story].

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Title:GIRL SKIN TRAP [Single Story].
Release date:2017/12/03
Genre:crosssection, bloomers, feminization, Sexchange(TS), Train, Ahegao, Creampie, humiliation, molestation, gangrape, Bigtits/bigtits, whippedtits

A young man on the track and field team who is expected to do well suddenly has a sex change.
Follow the man who knows the secret of the sex change.
He gets on the train in his bloomers and jersey, but
The train was a den of perverts who were hungry for female bodies.
In the midst of an overwhelming number of people squeezing my female body.
In contrast to the mind of the man, the body enjoys the pleasure of the female.
In time, the perverted demand for males erodes the mind as well.

This is a work that appears in [2D Comic Magazine I’ve had a sex change and I’m being molested and I’m having a female climax!


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