【SuzuHaneSuzu】Boy Meets Meow God (3) First Love Cat

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Title:Boy Meets Meow God (3) First Love Cat
Release date:2017/11/20
Genre:ForeignGirl/MonsterGirl, kimono/kifuku, Fantasy, Nakadashi, Fellatio, Bigtits/bigtits

After rescuing Natsu-Ume from the fight between Shiro-Ume and Kuro-Ran, Mi thinks about her own memories for a while.

It was a dark time when the world was in turmoil, and I was young and in love with a young man.

The female goddess surrendered herself to her lust and spent her days cuddling with men.

I’m going to knead you all over your body, squeezing your mala, and tormenting you behind your back.

In the end, one man and one god devour each other to the point where their hearts melt together.
This is the third story in the long-awaited Nyan Musume series by Suzuhane Suzu, who boasts of her overwhelming drawings!

This work is included in [Exe vol9].


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