【IronSugar 】I accompanied my gal sister on a trip to the beach and ended up losing my virginity (full color) 2

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Title:I accompanied my gal sister on a trip to the beach and ended up losing my virginity (full color) 2


Release date:2017/10/03
Genre:youngersister\r\n, gal\r\n, swimsuit\r\n, footjob\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, blowjob\r\n, havingsexoutdoors\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n

“Brother. I’m going on a beach trip with my friends and I want you to come with me.

One night, the protagonist is approached by his younger sister, Eri, for advice.

Eri was planning a trip to the beach with her best friend Miu.

But the ryokan that Miu’s parents had booked for her was far away and not convenient for transportation.

There was a situation where they could not stay overnight without a guardian.

When Eri appears naked, the virgin protagonist is flabbergasted.

He agrees to accompany her on the trip, if only for one night….

On the day of the trip, the main character leaves for the beach with Eri and her best friend Miu.

Miu has a friendly personality and is acquainted with the main character.

The two girls, Eri and Miu, enjoyed the ocean to the fullest.

But one day, when Miu was alone with the main character, she made this request.

I want you to wear sunscreen.

The hero is in a hurry. This is because the hero is a virgin and has never touched a girl’s body before.

However, her naive attitude leads to an escalation of mischief by Miu, who likes to play pranks.

The flirtation gradually developed into a provocative act.

Miu goes into erotic mode and takes the hero’s virginity.

Miu is addicted to the thrilling pleasure of hidden sex.

Seeking further stimulation, she begins to seduce the protagonist in more extreme scenes…


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