【Yuki HB】Sunny then tide! ~You can control the weather and have soaking wet sex 1

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Title:Sunny then tide! ~You can control the weather and have soaking wet sex 1
Maker:Yuki HB
Release date:2017/08/00
Genre:childhoodfriend, gal, uniform, Underwear, School/Academy, romanticcomedy, Harem, Shame/embarrassment, Bigtits/bigtits

[This is because of the rain.]
Surprised by lightning, my childhood friend clings to me in her wet and transparent form.

When I pushed her down, she was wet to the bottom of her pants for some reason.

–The secret power that only I have, the ability to control the weather!
The range is the size of the palm of your hand, but it’s more than enough to pull off some serious mischief!
She sends a guerrilla rainstorm over the head of her childhood friend JK and starts having sex in the rain at a shrine!

If you don’t approve of the overflowing slime from my pussy, I’ll keep licking you until you squirt!
You can also manipulate the whirlwind to get the gals to take off their string pants, or manipulate the temperature to enjoy sweaty sauna sex with the gals.
You’ll be able to use this ability to become the eye of the typhoon in the world of lucky skating!


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