【stone miso】Ue-shinobu [Single Story].

[Ranking]7 Days:#20
Title:Ue-shinobu [Single Story].
Maker:stone miso
Release date:2017/03/05
Genre:kunoichi, fantasy, swallowingwhole, Creampie, breastmilk, Humiliation, Torture, Restraint, Anal, tentacle, heterosexual, Bigtits/bigtits

One day, Kunoichi was attacked by a yin-yang master who said, “I want to make you my servant.
He is swallowed whole by the giant Rafflesia controlled by the man and is captured.
The yin-yang master who tried to get her by planting seeds inside her body.
He skillfully manipulates the ivy and injects aphrodisiac seeds one after another into her mouth, nipples, and anus.
It’s a great way to get the most out of your time as a woman.
Gradually, even their bodies were being eroded.

This is a work that appears in [2D Comic Magazine Plant Adultery and Agonizing Acme Bloom!


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