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Release date:2015/09/22
Genre:childhoodfriend, Kimono/kifuku, lovey-dovey/soft-hearted, Creampie, Fellatio, Bigtits/bigtits

Pastor returns to the countryside for the first time in a year due to a festival.
However, he caught a cold and fell asleep…

My childhood friend, Kazane, said she would accompany me, but I felt bad if I transferred her.

I tell him to go and enjoy the festival even if he is alone.

Then, Kazane gets angry at her sudden words and walks out.

I think I’ve made him angry, but he falls asleep.
When he wakes up, he finds that Kazane is just about to arrive.
When Makito sees her wiping his body, he becomes aware of a part of her that is different from the past and gets an erection.

She tries to wipe her bottom as well, and although I’m impatient, she takes it off and lets me watch.

Then, Kazane suddenly started sucking her cock, saying that she wouldn’t be able to sleep if it was this big…!

[COMIC BAVEL October 2015 (BJ063979)].

[COMIC BAVEL October 2015 (BJ063979)].


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