CG + Illustrations

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Title:Gothic & Lolita
Maker:Horseshoe Knights
Release date:2015/09/29
Genre:Lolita, G ...

Magazine / Anthology

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Title:Ryona King vol11
Release date:2021/01/25
Genre:glasses, Specter, shri ...


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Title:It’s a pretend operation!
Release date:2021/02/04
Genre:glasses, ...


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Title:Transvestite ghost V-tubers vs. psychic mob uncle
Maker:Laceke Ramen
Release date:2021/0 ...

Voiced Comics

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Title: .
You will need to purchase the separately.


I’m a butler for ...

Tools / Accessories

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Title:Additional Costume Set for 3D Custom Girl “3D Custom Coffin Chai XX”
Maker:MetaL ...


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Title:Zito’s eyes are silent and hypersensitive.
Maker:Naked house
Release date:2015/07/ ...

CG + Illustrations

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Title:Coffin Princess Chaika Hahaha CG Collection
Release date:2015/08/15 ...

Voice / ASMR

24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#11, 30 Days:#75
Title:A naughty, cute, and masterful vampire.
Maker:A female vampire


7 Days:#10, 30 Days:#14
Title:Sister, let’s do it right! 1+2 Twin Pack
Maker:Candy Soft
Release dat ...