CG + Illustrations

Not ranked
Title:There’s a woman in a mask in my house.
Maker:Slumbering lanterns
Release date:2021 ...

Magazine / Anthology

24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#6
Title:COMIC Kairakuten Beast April 2021
Maker:Wani Magazine Co.
Release date:2021/ ...


Not ranked
Title:Transvestite ghost V-tubers vs. psychic mob uncle
Maker:Laceke Ramen
Release date:2021/0 ...

Voice / ASMR

Not ranked
Title:Misaki, the sleep-disturbing ghost
Maker:The days of walking three steps back
Release da ...


Not ranked
Title:Feast of the Wicked: Zero
Maker:clod of earth
Release date:2015/06/10
Genre:girl, lo ...

Short Stories

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Title:Crawl! SADUKO-SAN – Sesh wo Kake Virginity Death Buddha! The Spirit of Expulsion -(7)


Not ranked
Title:But only in two dimensions.
Release date:2015/12/23
Genre:Lolita, sister ...

CG + Illustrations

Not ranked
Title:The H-Maid of the Haunted House
Maker:Kaze no Nedoko
Release date:2016/06/27
Genre:g ...


Not ranked
Title:follower flower
Maker:tiger jaw kazuya
Release date:2016/07/08
Genre:maniac/pervert, ...


7 Days:#12
Title:Urban Legend Series Part 1: Hanako in the Toilet
Maker:Mary Jane
Release date:2016/08/05 ...